What Are People Saying About Candidar TM ?

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  • Candidar Testimonial 1

    Candidar was recommended to me by my doctor. I had been using a synthetic over the counter cream, but it didn't seem to be working, and that it might even be doing more harm than good! She said the combination in Candidar was much better. I’m glad I listened to her.

    Martha D. - Chef

  • Candidar Testimonial 2

    Candidar really helped me. I was suffering from constant discharge, itching and burning. It drove me nuts, I just wanted it to stop. After I started using Candidar my symptoms stopped! Thank you Candidar!!

    Carol T. - Florist

  • Candidar Testimonial 3

    I bought Candidar because of the strain of probiotics it contains. I did not want a prescription medication. I have been using this daily for almost for a week and it’s great!

    Jessica P.- Massage Therapist

  • Candidar Testimonial 4

    I do a lot of sports and sometimes I get yeast infections around my penis. Yes, guys get them too. I was a bit embarrassed but thankfully my wife recommended that I use Candidar to get rid of it. It did the job fast.

    David V. - Hotel Manager

  • Candidar Testimonial 5

    Candidar is the only yeast infection treatment that I have found to contain such a wide range of probiotics and vitamins. It got rid of my infection fast. Great stuff. Five Stars.

    Mary L. - Cashier

  • Candidar Testimonial 6

    Fantastic product. It has made such a difference in just a few days. I am getting rid of that infection that I thought would never go away!! Thanks Candidar.

    Gayle S. - Waitress

  • Candidar Testimonial 1

    I got a yeast infection under my right breast. Embarrassed I didn’t want to see a doctor for that so I tried Candidar. It did the trick after a few days. I am so grateful for Candidar.

    Tyler S. - Student

  • Candidar Testimonial 2

    I used to always get yeast infections but last summer I tried Candidar and since then I have not had a single one! I am so happy and relieved! Thank you Candidar.

    Sally P. - Mom

  • Candidar Testimonial 3

    A few months ago, I started having pain when I urinated. I didn’t know what it was, so I asked my wife what it could be and what I could take. She suggested that I use Candidar. I know it’s for yeast infections so I was skeptical but it worked.

    Peter T. - Accountant

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